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Published erotic fiction

By XXXchurch Visitor Letter to myself: I am an erotic fiction writer and have made money at it. I have stopped publishing Letter from my sex addict: I have stopped writing it The post Published erotic fiction appeared first on XXXchurch.com.

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Over 100 Rideshare Drivers Accused of Sexually Assaulting Passengers

By KC A recent CNN investigative report brought ride-hail companies Uber and Lyft under fire for the disturbing trend of driver-to-passenger sexual assault. The report found that at least 103 Uber drivers had been accused of assault or abuse by their passengers—31 of those drivers received criminal convictions, and many cases are still in the […]

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How Mainstream Porn is Connected to the Surge in Child Porn Arrests

By KC If you have seen the news recently, you may have gotten the impression that there’s been a growing number of cases related to child pornography convictions. The stats confirm this, too: Thorn reports that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reviews an average of 25 million images annually—that’s 68,681 images every […]

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Help, I Always Look at Porn When I’m Bored

By Craig Gross Hey, it’s Craig again. Today, we’re talking about looking at porn because you’re bored. So… is the problem that you’re bored? Or is the problem porn? We talk about triggers quite a bit, which is certainly valid, but at the end of the day, there’s nothing making you look at porn. Each […]

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After Multiple Sexual Assault Allegations from Fellow Performers, James Deen Stars in Porn Film about Consent

By KC Cover photo credit to AP, retrieved from Jezebel.com. TRIGGER WARNING Performer James Deen who was barred for three years from popular porn company Evil Angel following a series of sexual assault accusations has recently been reinstated with a lead role in the explicit pornographic documentary film titled Consent—and it’s just as contradictory as […]

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Why Do I Look at Porn When I’m Angry?

By Craig Gross Hey, it’s Craig. Today we’re talking about why you look at porn, when you look at porn and where you look at porn. We talk a lot about “triggers.” Some of you are, perhaps, familiar with that language, but for those who aren’t… Figuring out your triggers means, “Asking yourself why you’re […]

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4 Ways Porn Warps the Way Women View Themselves

By KC FTND Note: While we are specifically addressing heterosexual women here, it is important to mention that porn can have a negative impact on everyone, including men. There are too many voices out there telling girls they don’t have what it takes one way or another. One industry that’s a big culprit of this? […]

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Here Are 6 Reasons Why People Ultimately Quit Watching Porn

By KC There are many logical arguments, personal reasons, and researched-based facts that could motivate someone to stop consuming porn. Any of these reasons to give it up might make sense, but in the end, what actually drives people to change their behavior and remove porn from their lives? Sexologist and addiction treatment specialist Dr. […]

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