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Uncovering the Truth about Fake Modeling Agencies that Exploit and Traffic Models

By KC “I remember scrolling through my 17-year-old sister’s Instagram profile to see these newly tagged ‘modeling’ photos of her,” 26-year-old Riley tells us in an exclusive interview. “The thing was they weren’t just normal photos—or even normal modeling photos. You could see everything… She was completely naked,” he said, horrified. Riley’s sister, who we’ll […]

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3 Ways to Look and Not Lust

By Carl Thomas If you are a guy and have been involved in some sort of accountability group (like an online small group), no doubt the subject of “lust” has come up. In my group on Wednesday mornings we talk about this often. Usually the conversation focuses on 3 things: 1. What is lust? 2. […]

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Is There a Connection Between Porn Culture and Rape Culture?

By KC Information below taken from National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s Pornography and Public Health Research Summary. For so many in our society, porn is the new norm. For the average consumer, it’s the go-to entertainment when boredom hits, the default for sex education when there are questions or curiosities, or the quick fix for […]

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How the Porn Industry Limits Consumers’ Sexual Freedom

By KC The world is a pretty cool place. Many countries have been founded on a desire for greater freedom, giving people the chance to pursue life, love, and happiness. But what if we told you that countless people across the world were enslaving themselves and becoming enslaved every day, without realizing it? What if […]

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Did You Know Male Porn Performers Use Performance-Enhancing Drugs?

By KC Fact or fiction: performing in porn is like being a professional athlete, in part because of their links to performance-enhancing drugs. You might be surprised, but this comparison is actually more factual than not. With athletes—see Alex Rodriguez, Lance Armstrong, Richard Sherman, and more—the drug of choice is human growth hormone, or HGH, […]

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3 Checks To Determine If You’re Lusting

By Carl Thomas As summer approaches, (if you are man especially) so do the visual distractions. Bikinis, short shorts, and mini skirts, the list goes on. Consequently, when you have all these things around you begging for your attention, it’s hard not to notice. And when you do (inevitably), the questions start to mount. Can […]

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5 Things Anyone Can Do Today Instead of Watch Porn

By KC Cover photo by Ben White. 4 minute read. Binge watching Netflix. Perusing what’s in the fridge. Checking out just-released video games. Watching porn? There are some things that come naturally when you find yourself dateless on a Saturday night, or any night for that matter. Pornography might seem like the friend that is […]

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