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To my porn addict.

By XXXchurch Visitor Letter to myself: I see you in the shadows haunting me every night, torturing me during the day. I see the way you sneer every time I say I’ll do better next time. I hear the lies you plant inside my head from morning to evening. But I’m through with them. I’m […]

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A Woman’s Guide to Overcoming Pornography

By Alice Taylor One in three visitors to adult websites are women. Porn addiction isn’t just a guy’s issue, but despite this reality, there’s still a lot of shame and stigma surrounding the topic in Christian communities. This is changing thanks to the work of ministries like and others who include women in their […]

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eXXXamine Ep. 2 Ex-Porn Star Interviews a Pastor

By Brittni De La Mora Two weeks ago, we introduced you to Bri Azucena, a former porn addict who through Christ, accountability, and using the resources, quit watching porn for good. This week I interviewed TJ Anglin, a Pastor at Cornerstone Church of San Diego. To prepare for this interview, I turned to social […]

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