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What is Black FREEday?

By Richard De La Mora I gotta admit, I love a “Deal.” I think most of us do. So after Thanksgiving we have what’s known as “Black Friday.” You know, that day shoppers get up insanely early, storm their local retail stores, stand in ridiculous lines, possibly trample a bystander or two in a panic […]

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QotD: “PayPal cuts off Pornhub over child abuse videos”

By antiplondon PayPal has stopped processing payments for the world’s biggest pornography website after it was found to be hosting illegal content, including videos depicting child sexual abuse. The electronic money transfer service had enabled Pornhub to pay people who are part of a company scheme under which porn stars and amateur models can earn […]

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eXXXamine | Meet Porn Star Lisa Ann *BONUS EPISODE

By Brittni De La Mora In this BONUS episode of eXXXamine, ex-porn star, Brittni De La Mora has a real & raw conversation about porn & purity with Porn Star Lisa Ann. In this episode, Lisa talks about the adult film industry, mental health, what’s changed in the industry since she started in the ’90s, […]

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The Day I Finally Felt Free

By Carl Thomas I used to say that it’s been ten years since I found freedom from porn. But the truth is, it’s been ten years since I stopped looking at it. I wasn’t free for a while after that. Why do I say this? Well, here’s the thing… We need to understand that true […]

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