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QotD: “71% of child sex abuse images are from Netherlands”

By antiplondon The majority of online child sexual abuse material is hosted in the Netherlands, where greater internet freedoms have made the country a hub for illegal websites, figures show. The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) has said that 90 per cent of URLs for child abuse content are in Europe, the majority in the Netherlands. […]

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Are You Doing Accountability The Wrong Way?

By Sathiya Sam Has someone talked to you about the importance of community recently? How about the value of vulnerability? I bet you’ve seen content on both subjects at least once in the last six months. Interestingly enough – science has shown the percentage of people in this world without ANY confidants (not even one) […]

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What Are You Running From?

By Brittni De La Mora Everybody Has Issues Some people were taught how to deal with them healthily by addressing them, processing them, and learning from them. However, the vast majority were not taught those valuable lessons. Rather than healing from the heartbreak, you might have been taught to avoid it. Instead of managing your […]

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3 Ways COVID Cures Porn Addiction

By Sathiya Sam COVID is changing everything. We don’t know how exactly, but it’s clear that things will never be the same. I have to be honest; the scale of this situation feels similar to September 11, 2001. This is a global situation that will have long-term global ramifications. I am ever the opportunist. I […]

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