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Can Porn Be Good for Couples to Watch Together?

By X3 We’ve all heard the arguments. Porn is bad in heavy doses but it can be helpful in small doses when couple use it “responsibly.” Even Dr. Drew has maintained this type of stance at times. Of course not everyone shares this opinion, so then we get into questions and debates that go something […]

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By XXXchurch Visitor Letter to myself: ??? Letter from my sex addict: I have struggled off and on with pornography for most of my married life (30 years). Several years ago I shared this struggle with my wife. And although she was hurt by it, she was very supportive. For a long period of time […]

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YouTube Star Austin Jones Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Soliciting Explicit Images from Underage Fans

By KC Cover photo credit to YouTube/AustinJonesSinger. His account has now been terminated. Once-beloved YouTube acapella singer Austin Jones has now been sentenced to 10 years in prison after he persuaded several young female fans to make and send him sexually explicit videos of themselves. He might be a familiar face to you—Jones skyrocketed to […]

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Isn’t Game of Thrones Really Just Porn?

By Carl Thomas This is not exactly news, but in case you live in a cave, Game of Thrones (GOT) may be the biggest thing to hit TV since The Sopranos and Breaking Bad. And, consequently, as the series heads into its last season, there are a ton of questions surrounding it. Stuff like… Who […]

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3 Problems with Saying “All Men Watch Porn”

By KC Portions of the following article were originally posted on Verily by Baleigh Scott. It has been edited for length and clarity. 6 minute read. Not too long ago, Russell Brand joined the ranks of those speaking out against pornography in a video posted to his YouTube channel. In it, he gives a powerful […]

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Published erotic fiction

By XXXchurch Visitor Letter to myself: I am an erotic fiction writer and have made money at it. I have stopped publishing Letter from my sex addict: I have stopped writing it The post Published erotic fiction appeared first on XXXchurch.com.

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